Teacher Guide

This in-depth guide provides detailed information on the tool’s activities as well as the Teacher Module. The guide also includes Teacher Tips that describe best practices and tested classroom management suggestions for using ELM.

Download PDF Download Kenya 3rd Edition PDF
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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans support ELM’s online activities by offering in-class warm-ups, consolidation questions, and a list of possible problems students may encounter and how to address the issues.

For information how to use ELM with ePearl, the LTK+ electronic portfolio, please consult this lesson plan.

The ELM team has also created offline lesson plans for activities to be conducted in a classroom or other school space to help students engage in different ways with fundamental mathematical concepts.


Parent Resources

Parents play an important role in their children’s development of numeracy. The CSLP has created a resource page and a flyer to provide information and resources to parents.

Parent ModuleParent flyer (PDF)