Lesson Plans (Online activities)

The ELM team has created lesson plans to help you integrate ELM activities into your mathematics instruction/classroom. Lesson plans are organized by the themes, ideas and activities in ELM.

Lesson plans include:

  • Warm-up activities to introduce a new concept or build on previously taught ones.
  • A brief description of the online activity.
  • Tips for discussing the concepts involved in the activity with the students in order to help them consolidate the new knowledge and help them make connections to prior knowledge.
  • Notes about possible problems students may encounter and how to address them.

Lesson plans are available here.

Lesson Plans (Offline Activities)

The ELM team has created lesson plans for activities to be conducted offline (for example, in a classroom or other school space) to help students engage in different ways with fundamental mathematical concepts.

Number Line

Matilda Number Line overview

In these activities, students are introduced to the idea of numbers as steps taken along a line. They connect numbers and the experience of walking, providing them with a different concrete model for both numbers and arithmetic operations.

Mathematical Language

Chuck illustration

Students are given a concrete situation that forces them to count and perform repeated additions and subtractions. During this process student must at all times remember a “running total” value. As the complexity of questions increase, students must begin to develop a mathematical language as a memory aid.

ELM Guides

Quick Guides for Using ELM

These short guides provide information on using the tool effectively. They can be printed for consultation in the classroom.

Teacher Guide for Using ELM

This in-depth guide provides detailed information on the tool’s activities as well as the Teacher Module. The guide also includes Teacher Tips that describe best practices and tested classroom management suggestions for using ELM.

Download PDF