What is ELM?

ELM, which stands for Emerging Literacy in Mathematics, is a digital tool for helping early elementary students develop their number sense and avoid math anxiety.

In this Teacher Resource area, you will find information about the structure of ELM and the numeracy skills it supports. There are also guides, videos, and other tips for using ELM in the classroom as well as a section on using the tool for differentiated teaching and learning.

If you are new to ELM, the introductory video provides an overview of the tool.


ELM overview diagram

Learn more about the philosophy and approach taken in ELM.

As students complete activities in ELM, they gain access to animal friend cards. To see all the different cards, log into your ELM account and click on “My Friends.” These cards include a picture of the animal, its name, and some information about it. Note that students do not see all the cards, but only those they have earned by completing activities.

Teachers can assign additional animal cards to students by clicking on the Extra tab.

Here is an example of an animal friend card:

Koala animal card