Our Team

Instructional Design

  • David Pickup - Information Specialist and Compiler, CSLP
  • Vanitha Pillay - Compiler, CSLP

Design & Development

  • Jean-Charles Verdier – Developer, CSLP


  • Vanitha Pillay – Trainer, CSLP
  • Marie-Claude Plourde - Certified Translator, Binôme

Additional Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge the contributors to earlier versions of the software including:

  • Manuela Bertoni – Creative Director, CSLP
  • Einat Idan - Lead Instructional Designer, CSLP

Our Funders

We would like to thank all of the authors and publishers who have generously contributed their creative talent to our Repository. See https://literacy.concordia.ca/reads/index.html#en/credits for a complete list.