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Phase 3: Use

This phase consists of four steps. In the first step, Note-taking your child will learn how to take notes on the sources they determined were appropriate to use. They will then synthesize the information that they found from their various sources and organize that information into a cohesive outline that answers their Big Question. Your child will learn how to treat the information they find in an ethical manner by quoting, paraphrasing and documenting the bibliographic information in the MLA citation style in a final product that creatively communicates their new understanding about a Big Question.

The Steps

In the third phase, your child will synthesize relevant information from their sources in an attempt to answer their Big Question, learn how to ethically deal with sources, and create their final product. This phase features the following 4 steps in guided mode:

Parent Tips

  • Ask your child to reflect on Phase 2. Ask your child "Were there any steps that you did not understand or that you would like to revisit?" What was one aspect of this phase that you enjoyed? What did you learn?" Suggest entering this reflection into the Reflection feature of IS-21.
  • When your child is reading each source, encourage them to pause and evaluate whether what they have read makes sense and ask them to point out a big idea.
  • Promote the use of paraphrasing as it is a wonderful way to monitor your child's understanding of what they have read, or suggest re-reading selective parts of text and making inferences beyond the explicit text.
  • Review the original schedule with your child and decide if it should be revised.
  • Remind your child about the original Task, especially when creating the final product.