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Phase 2: Search

The Search phase consists of three steps. In this phase, your child follows through with the Action Plan they developed in the Plan phase. They do this by exploring different resources, evaluating their Action Plan, scanning and organizing the sources they are finding, evaluating the appropriateness of those sources, and finally selecting sources based on their quality and relevance.

The Steps

In the second phase, your child will locate credible sources, and evaluate if they are useful for their inquiry. This phase features the following 3 steps in guided mode:

Parent Tips

  • Ask your child to reflect on Phase 1. Ask your child "Were there any steps that you did not understand or that you would like to revisit?" "What was one aspect of this phase that you enjoyed? What did you learn?" Suggest entering this reflection into the Reflection feature of IS-21.
  • Review the Action Plan together with your child.
  • Revisit the original schedule with your child and decide if it should be revised.
  • If some Little Questions can best be answered with a book or reference material, schedule a day to visit the public library with your child.
  • If your child is using the Internet to locate information, encourage them to use age-appropriate retrieval tools such as Directories or Search Engines designed for young students.
  • Remind your child that valuable information may be found in many different sources beyond the Internet.