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Welcome to this site which has been prepared to provide quick and easy access to two highly effective, fun and engaging interactive early literacy tools. ABRACADABRA and READS are web-based tools designed by Concordia and UQAM researchers at the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance, along with input from literacy specialists and practitioners. They are freely available to teachers and parents who are supporting learners at home.

Using ABRA at home with your child:

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This website provides access to the software, ABRACADABRA which is both an evidence-based and evidence-proven tool, designed to build foundational literacy skills. ABRA may be used by pre-readers, beginning readers, struggling readers, as well as ESL learners.


This website provides access to READS, an organized catalogue of hundreds of multi-national digital stories. Stories may be searched by keyword, theme, reading level, country of origin, language, and format.


ABRA Parent Resources

This website provides an overview of ABRACADABRA, along with a variety of tips and strategies to help parents support use of ABRA at home.

ABRA Teacher Resources

This webpage provides access to an array of multi-media materials to help teachers support the use of ABRACADABRA and READS.

ABRA Teacher Professional Development

Geared to teachers but useful for parents too, this online learning environment provides comprehensive interactive modules that address and support the development of broad literacy skills (Alphabetics, Reading, Comprehension and Writing) covered in ABRACADABRA & READS, along with strategies for getting started with the tools. Each module provides explanations, practice, and interactive content to insure understanding and engagement.

We thank Concordia for hosting the software and our funders who made the development of these tools possible. For more information, questions or comments on the tools, please get in contact with us at: cslp@concordia.ca

We appreciate your feedback.