Welcome to Teaching Early Literacy with the Learning Toolkit+

Welcome to the CSLP’s Teaching Early Literacy with the Learning Toolkit+. As you move through these modules, you will familiarize yourself with each broad literacy skill and its corresponding sub-skills, gain a deeper understanding of various teaching approaches and practical tips, and explore how the CSLP’s Learning Toolkit+ also known as LTK+ supports the development of these literacy skills.

These modules can be used in a variety of settings; from asynchronous and fully online to synchronous, blended and in-person workshops. Each of the modules has a similar structure, outlined in a table of contents. All of the modules focus on explanations, practice, and interactive content to insure understanding and engagement. The PDF version is an alternative method for accessing the content; this can be useful for teachers hoping to cut down on data costs. Use these to learn or review the content, and access the multimedia components online. We hope these modules provide you with new knowledge, useful suggestions on how to integrate the various literacy tools into your teaching, and helps you develop your expertise in early literacy instruction.

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Learn about how these learning modules support the development of early literacy skills.

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Module: Introduction to Teaching Early Literacy with the LTK+

ABRA and Key Literacy Skills

Learn about LTK+’s ABRACADABRA tool and the core components of early literacy.

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Module: Getting Started with ABRA

Other LTK+ Tools and Features

Learn about how other LTK+ tools and features can enhance your teaching.

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Module: ABRA Assessment


Module: ABRA-ePEARL Connection

Teaching Strategies

Learn additional teaching strategies you can employ to help your learners develop their skills.

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Module: Cooperative Learning

Knowledge Check

Do some practice activities to test your understanding of the learning modules’ content. Take a final quiz to gain a certificate of completion.

For Trainers

Support, resources, and guidance for trainers offering training or workshops that incorporate these modules.

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Module: Train the Trainer